Campaign limit was requested to be increased to 4000, but how is this calculated?



Below link mention that we can have ACTIVE limit increased to 4000.

Advertising accounts are limited to a maximum of 200 active campaigns. This limit can be raised to 4,000 active campaigns manually by the advertiser’s Twitter Account Manager upon request. A campaign is considered active until it reaches its end time or gets deleted. Paused campaigns are considered active until their designated end times.

As per below endpoint, is there a sample on how to get this value at the moment? I will need the current ACTIVE campaign count for 18ce54f8mm9.

I’m wondering whether the value is related to either one of below:

  1. IsServable: true
  2. EntityStatus: active
  3. EndDate future having NO INCOMPLETE status

I highly suspect that it is 3), regardless whether the IsServable is true or false, it will still count to the limit, which is why I need to know current value, and how it is correlated with the said GET/campaigns endpoint.

This will help us in our code and campaign management…



Thanks for the question, @verdeairo703.

entity_status has three possible states: ACTIVE, DRAFT, and PAUSED. An ACTIVE campaign simply means it’s not in draft mode or paused. This attribute does not reflect “active” in the sense of the active campaign limit.

The is_servable attribute does not capture this, either. This value can be false when the funding instrument has expired, for example, but it would still count toward the active campaign limit iff the campaign is within its flight dates and it hasn’t been deleted.

In other words, you need to keep track of this on your end.

Hope this helps clarify.