Campaign is paused, but line item in it isn't?



I’ve created a Campaign with one Line Item in it. I then paused the Campaign. The API correctly shows that the campaign is paused:

   u'created_at': u'2016-06-01T17:27:44Z',
   u'currency': u'USD',
   u'daily_budget_amount_local_micro': 1000000,
   u'deleted': False,
   u'duration_in_days': None,
   u'end_time': u'2016-06-04T03:59:00Z',
   u'frequency_cap': None,
   u'funding_instrument_id': u'ipuyv',
   u'id': u'542rm',
   u'name': u'follower campaign 06/01 10:27am PT',
   u'paused': True,
   u'reasons_not_servable': [u'PAUSED_BY_ADVERTISER'],
   u'servable': False,
   u'standard_delivery': True,
   u'start_time': u'2016-06-01T17:27:00Z',
   u'total_budget_amount_local_micro': 3000000,
   u'updated_at': u'2016-06-01T17:30:10Z'}],

but when I retrieve information about the Line Item in that campaign, it displays “paused: False”:

   u'bid_unit': u'FOLLOW',
   u'campaign_id': u'542rm',
   u'categories': [],
   u'charge_by': u'FOLLOW',
   u'created_at': u'2016-06-01T17:27:44Z',
   u'creative_source': u'MANUAL',
   u'currency': u'USD',
   u'deleted': False,
   u'end_time': None,
   u'id': u'5bnsf',
   u'include_sentiment': u'POSITIVE_ONLY',
   u'name': u'Untitled',
   u'objective': u'FOLLOWERS',
   u'optimization': u'DEFAULT',
   u'paused': False,

shouldn’t the line item be listed as paused, since it “inherits” the state from its Campaign? Same goes for the Promoted Tweet in the Line Item - it is listed as not paused.

Or does the paused field only refer to whether or not the user explicitly paused the object? In which case, the promoted tweet in the line item will no longer be shown (since the campaign is paused), but both the Line Item and Promoted Tweet will have False values for paused in the API responses.


It doesn’t matter for any use you can think.

If a campaign is paused, any line item or tweet won’t be delivered.

Imagine you have a campaign with 4 line items and one of them is performing under average, you pause it. And after that you should pause the campaign, maybe because your client want it but few days later you want to resume it. Should all line items under campaign be resumed? I don’t think so. One those who were active when you paused the campaign.



Hey @obscyuriy,

The deleted and paused attributes in the Ads API only reflect the state of that specific entity. Pausing or deleting an entity does not cascade to objects below it.

Hope that helps!


Hahahahaha, I think we overlapped our responses!


Thanks @jaakkosf and @hector_borras. That makes sense - you essentially want to maintain separate state for every object. My goal is to figure out whether out whether a Promoted Tweet is currently “live” or not in order to determine whether or not to retrieve analytics on it, which (it seems) means I’ll have to check the state of both the Promoted Tweet (whether it’s deleted) and its ancestors (meaning, whether the Line Item is paused/deleted and whether the Campaign is paused/deleted/has REASONS_NOT_SERVABLE). Does that sound correct?

And on a related note, it appears that Promoted Tweets have a paused field - what does this value refer to? (asking since it seems like you can’t pause Promoted Tweets)


Hi! Happy to see that our answers worked for you.

You should consider that, even do you can’t pause a promotes tweet, you can delete it. And if you recreate it, I mean, same line item and same tweet. You will get the same Id you get before for your promoted tweet