Campaign IDs from API don’t match those I get from UI in CSV file



Campaign IDs from API don’t match those I get from UI in CSV file (using this link: https:///accounts/xxxxxxxxxx/campaigns_dashboard)
For example:

Campaign= 11.8.2015 - UK_CPI_Laser Targeting M Android 25-54 Platform


How can I retrieve same ids?


Camapaign IDとLine Item IDの仕様について
Camapaign IDとLine Item IDの仕様について

Campaigns and Ad Groups (Line Items)
Campaigns define the schedule and budget of an ad. The advertiser specifies a daily and overall budget. The campaign can be bound to a specific start and end time or run continuously until the budget is spent. The budget comes from one of the Funding Instruments of the advertising account. Campaign identifiers (:campaign_id) are the base-36 representation of the base-10 value we present in the Twitter Ads UI.

Advertising accounts are limited to a maximum of 200 active campaigns. This limit can be raised to 4,000 active campaigns manually by the advertiser’s Twitter Account Manager upon request. A campaign is considered active until it reaches its end time or gets deleted. Paused campaigns are considered active until their designated end times.

Line items spend the budget defined by a campaign. Line items pull together the per-engagement bid, the Tweet or account to promote, and the targeting rules.