Campaign end time timezone problem



Hi! The docs about campaign creation say that the end_time, if given, must be in UTC, but I see that if I send the end_time as 2016-02-15T07:59:00+00:00, in the Ads UI it is displayed as 15 Feb 2016 7:59 AM America/Denver time, instead of 14 Feb 2016 23:59 PM America/Denver time. So the time I’m sending is not interpreted as being in UTC, but already in the account’s timezone, which is America/Denver, which contradicts the docs.

So is this a documentation issue or a development one?

Thank you.


All of the timestamps in the Ads API are represented in UTC, and are ISO 8601 (see the Time section at The UI displays times based on the timezone detected by your browser, not necessarily the timezone of the account you are viewing.


Thanks @jaakkosf.
I messed things up on my side. I see that the time displays correctly now in the Ads UI (I don’t know why I saw something different yesterday… but I’ll test it again).
Regarding the timezome used to display the dates in the Ads UI, what you said is not true. The date and time displayed are in the Twitter account’s timezone, like it’s logical to be - it is even displayed like this (“America/Denver time” near the date fields) -, it has nothing to do with my browser.

Thank you for your time.