Campaign and line items total budget problem




We have a problem with campaign total budget.
We have created campaign (VIP Xmas Postpaid 2) over API (POST accounts/:account_id/campaigns) and set total_budget_amount_local_micro = €624.
Then we have created three groups (line items) for that campaign (POST accounts/:account_id/line_items) and set total_budget_amount_local_micro = €208 (each group).
After few days we saw (in that campaign status is EXHAUSTED, because spend sum from all three groups is €233.86 (now we have set status to PAUSED).
And as you can see in total budget column there’s only budget for one group.

Here comes the questions:
Do you support multiple line items or not?
What are the benefits of them (except targeting criteria)?
Why don’t you show total budget of campaign in

Please help me on this!

Regards, Aleksander

Benefits of Multiple Line Items