Calling friends/ids.json fails randomly, although sometimes it works fine


Twitter Developers

Firstly I want to express how disappointed I’m with the Twitter services lately.

I’ve a really critical app that uses Twitter’s methods to do some stuff and I’ve facing a problem that only happens randomly.

To reproduce this error all you have to do is this:

Access and submit the URL below ( this is not me )

Sometimes it gives me the correct response that would be the friends’ id and sometimes it throws an error saying that I’ve reached the hourly limit

Right times:

“next_cursor_str”: “0”,
“previous_cursor_str”: “0”,
“next_cursor”: 0,
“ids”: [
46284820, …


Wrong times:

“request”: “/1/friends/ids.json?screen_name=gabesimas”,
“error”: “Rate limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 20000 requests per hour.”

That’s unacceptable !

I definitely need to know how to get over it and whether it’s only a period issue or it’s going to be like that for a while .


Paulo Almeida


Why are you so disappointed in our services lately? From this post it sounds like you’re not quite using the service correctly, so I’m not surprised you’re finding the results unexpected.

In this case, as the error message suggests, you’re being rate limited. It looks like you aren’t using authentication to make your requests. You’re also now using a deprecated API and should move on to API v1.1 which requires OAuth for all methods.

Is there something about the nature of the error message that is unclear to you? Have you read the documentation on this site on rate limiting?