Calling an api endpoint for a large array of followers


Hi forum: I have a use case where: ‘As a band i want to direct message my followers to let them know of upcoming releases, concerts etc.’.

The band may have many followers (e.g., upwards of 10,000).

I am working in Node/Express and issuing the requests from a node.js proxy…

My questions are:

(1) if I’m calling an endpoint (such as, e.g., ‘direct message’ endpoint) with thousands of requests do I need to somehow throttle the requests?

(2) Are large numbers of requests in rapid succession on an endpoint even permitted (i think if I understand correctly up to 15,000 posts can be made in a 24 hour window…)?

PS. Also, is there an api endpoint (maybe I missed it?) that will take a list and direct message the list? (like a batch?). The only endpoint I’ve found will dm one specified user…


Hi Nick,
I think you need to read this:


Thanks for link Samir. It’s good to see the rules laid out this way. I don’t think the use-case I’ve described, in-and-of-itself, constitutes spam. Followers of the band are following because they welcome interaction with the band and generally want to know about its activities. Also, in this day-and-age artists often have a need to engage with their fans through social media.


This does seem pretty spammy to me.

Per our rules…

C. Automated Direct Messages

Sending automated Direct Messages to users

You may not send unsolicited Direct Messages in a bulk or automated manner, and should be thoughtful about the frequency with which you contact users via Direct Message.

You may send automated Direct Messages to users so long as:

  • in advance of sending the Direct Message, the recipient(s) have requested or have clearly indicated an intent on Twitter to be contacted by you via Direct Message, for example by sending you a Direct Message; and

  • you provide a clear and easy way for such users to opt-out of receiving automated Direct Messages, and promptly honor all such opt-out requests.

The fact that a user is technically able to receive a Direct Message from you (e.g. because the user follows you, has enabled the ability to receive Direct Messages from any account, or because the user is in a pre-existing Direct Message conversation with you) does not necessarily mean they have requested or expect to receive automated Direct Messages from you.

If you do follow through with this use case, your app will likely be flagged as a spammy actor pretty quickly.

Sorry for the inconvenience :disappointed:


Well Ok then. I’m glad I asked, indeed, that’s why I raised the question. I would never want to undertake an effort that might be percieved in any way, shape or form as spam. I will certainly cease my effort to use the twitter api.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


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