Callback URLs with multiple apps


Cheers everyone ,

Currently we have a shared code base which is used to build many apps [More than 40]. Most of the time only the branding is different. These apps has TwitterKit intergrated to publish / post tweets from the the content.

Creating a Twitter app for each branding on the Dashboard is a tedious task. Is there anyway I can create a single app on the Twitter Dashboard and distinguish apps using the callback URL’s ? As per the documentation 10 callbacks URLs are supported for Twitter app.

So far when I add a custom callback URL , Twitter fails with following error,

“‘TWTRInvalidInitializationException’, reason: 'Attempt made to Log in or Like a Tweet without a valid Twitter Kit URL Scheme set up in the app settings.”

However integration works with TwitterKit-ConsumerKey:// callback URL . But then I cannot distinguish between the apps .

Is this something feasible ?