Callback url


I’m a total novice to this.

I’m using CB Connect on my website in order for my users to optionally register/login with their twitter details. But I can’t seem to get past the “Something is technically wrong” error message in the authentication window, although I do get logged in to Twitter

I read a post ( which suggested that a callback url is required. How do I determine what the callback url is?
Also, I’m not sure what (if anything at all) to enter in the “request URI” or “request query” fields.

My access level is read/write.
My @Anywhere domain is not a url (it’s
The request type is GET.

Please help! If you require more information, I’ll be more than happy to furnish you with it.

Many thanks in advance.



Are you passing your client identifier when including the @Anywhere javascript? Is the site running on the same domain name you’ve supplied as a callback URL on If you haven’t provided that, provide one in the format of where is your site’s domain.