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I have a production application that a user can use Twitter to sign-in with and it was working correctly.
I am also working on a replacement for that same production application on my development machine.

I was unable to test my new development web site for Twitter sign-in as my localhost callback url was not listed in my Twitter applications callback URL list. So I added the https://localhost:44313/signin-twitter as a new callback url within my Twitter application. So now the localhost works and the production site is broken. There is no way that I can see to delete the localhost callback url now. I was thinking that the callback url list is just a list of valid urls and it would not break the production site Twitter sign-in. Guess I was wrong about that…

Can someone please advice me how to delete the localhost callback url for the production site.
And I guess I need to create a new Twitter application just for testing the new site? Is that correct?



You can adjust your callback url settings within or within your developer portal if you have applied and been approved for an account.

You can learn more about callback urls here:

and here is our announcement on the changes:
Action REQUIRED - Sign in with Twitter users must whitelist callback URLs

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The issue is I am unable to remove or delete the localhost entry within the settings tab at I get an ERROR stating “Please make sure you have at least 2 callback URLs” when
I delete the URL and click the “Update Settings” button.