Callback URL, popup is not closed after authentication



I am trying to implement sign in with twitter to a website not the localhost. All the examples that I have seen online are for localhost. Once I sign in with twitter, the window is redirected to the callback URL on the Popup which is supposed to close and give the control back to original window.


Can you provide example illustrating what you’re trying to achieve, and the issue you are facing?


Thank you for your response. In the edit-profile section of my website “” i am trying to include import from twitter, so when the user logs in to twitter, the user can import the profile image and background image. I tried the callback URL as “” it didn’t work. I used “” by creating /twitter and /twitter/callback routes. Am I using the correct callback url? If I was, I think I wouldn’t have run into this issue. So what Callback URL should I use?


Does your website or backend support the Sign-in With Twitter flow? This is not something that will be automatic, you’ll need to write code that listens for a callback. It is not simply a case of adding an arbitrary callback URL in your app configuration.


Thank you for your response.I was trying to create a separate server to handle the oauth and authenticate the user, which is not run on the same as my website.


You need to add the correct callback URL to the whitelist on your developer dashboard then. Not just your blog or site “profiles page”


Thank you, I did not quite get that. Can you provide me an example of what the URL may look like.


It would be whatever the authentication module in your code is listening on.


Thank you, 404 (Not Found)” this is the error I am receiving when I am trying to run on a remote server, but runs fine on local server.