CallBack url not returing my parameters


I try to call using below URL, my get response missing my parameters.

Redirect URL =

Response URL =

Missing parameters id=a19a2650e-c1029d8cc&action=confirm

Twitter callback url not working

Hi Any updates?


Hi @Salashah,

When comparing your redirect URL to our documentation, it looks like you didn’t completely encode all variables such as “&” between query string params. Please closely follow the documentation here.

Below is a correct example of the complete base string:


Hi @goforbrent,

I think my above Redirect URL link text was changed (From &amp to &), Please refer my screenshot below.
It’s completely encoded and twitter returned with (Missing parameters id=a19a2650e-c1029d8cc&action=confirm),

Twitter returned my all parameters before, I think the issue happens recently like 2-3 weeks before,





Any feedback?



Hey @Salashah

We’d love to get some additional information here:

  1. Is the issue currently blocking any creation of any new accounts?
  2. What is the scope of the impact?
  3. The client_app_id of the app making the request.

Additionally, if you take a look at our doc, the response callback URL only contains the fields specified in this doc and it looks like those fields are correctly returned in your response.



Hi @imit8me


  1. No, I can manage to fix using API calls.
  2. I matched twitter response(AccountId and FundingInstrumentID) from my request QueryString (Id), but Twitter is not returning (QueryString (Id)) recently,

Note: GetPMFI callback URL link is not working completely. I’m getting the file not found exception from 30th November 2017.



Hi @goforbrent / @imit8me,

Any updates?



Hi @juanshishido

We have also same issue since 1 week …Please advise the changes


Hey all,

Apologies for the delay in response. We’ve been able to reproduce the issue on our end, and we’re looking into any root causes.

We’ll update this thread as we know more.



Hi @imit8me,

We have a critical issue now, I can’t manage to fix through API calls,
I can fix initially through API because the funding instrument created on Twitter side,
After the page error(file not found the exception), I can’t fix the issue. Please advise us ASAP.




We are unable to get pmfi information when our clients authorize the new twitter handles



Please update on the issue



hi @imit8me

please update


Hi @Salashah,

We recently fixed the issue with this endpoint and redeployed the service. Can you please try again and reach out if you run into any issues.

Thank you!


Hi @goforbrent,

Thanks for your reply, but still having the same issue (File not Found).



Hi @goforbrent/@imit8me,

Any feedback?
We have major issue, please advice us.



Hi @goforbrent/@imit8me,

We have tested again but the issue is still persist.
Please update


@testadsindia - The deploy for the callback URL has been fixed. Can you try again and reach out with any issues should they arise?

I appreciate your patience.


Thank you so much @goforbrent,

I verified my side, The issue has been resolved.