Callback URL not approved


Salve, non riesco a collegare la mia App con wordpress, tramite il plugin revive old post, mi da questo errore: Error connecting twitter {“errors”:[{“code”:415,“message”:“Callback URL not approved for this client application. Approved callback URLs can be adjusted in your application settings”}]}


Per the announcement, you need to set the correct callback URL for your application on


It still wont work, This is our callback url as

We have tried all part of the domain in setting of apps.

none of them works.

What should we do about the call back URL or what is the correct call url in our case,
Thanks, Tom.


The callback URL needs to be the full URL without any query parameters.


Thanks, It works now. However, is it possible to allow wild card domain name like or to work? We have lots of system and tenants to access Twitter pages so it is technically not possible to define every callback URL and I think it will also run out of your maximum allowable callback URL. Thanks, Tom.


Wildcards are not supported. The recommended approach is to have or similar and then when you generate the initial request_token store the subdomain they should return to in your state value.