Callback url not accepting in the form


Sorry would just like to ask here. There was some weird situation I encountered.

Was using a wordpress for the site. Then I used a plugin for the logging in to the site using twitter. I have created a new app. Fill in the necessary fields and added the callback url. when I paste the callback url, the browser/page hangs. So I’m having trouble adding it. my url for the callback url is

Would just like to know what’s wrong here or how to fix this as I can’t add a callback url. Thanks.



Is your problem the same as this?



hmm… there was no indicator from the form that the url is invalid. (the callback url is being produced by the plugin/or from the plugin). Mine was when I try to enter/copy the callback URL in the create or edit app, the page freezes/hangs. I’m not sure why.


Strange! I never encountered this when filling the URL for our app
If you are using Chrome, try “paste as plain text” when you are pasting the url


I got it working when I added the callback url here (the last time I added the callback url it was here and I encountered the bug)

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will make sure to bring this up with our product team and might have some additional questions for you to help investigate.



What @handle and app ID are you experiencing this with? Also, can you please let us know what browsers and extensions you are using?


We have made progress with our investigations of this irregularity and are actively working on a fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Our team has implemented an update that should address this irregularity. Please let us know if anything else comes up.


Actually just need use looks like:


Would you mind elaborating @AlyPal. Not sure what you are looking to do here.


I’m also facing the same problem. The Wordpress Social Login app is giving me the same callback URL to enter on my Twitter App but Twitter is rejecting it.

Please help me solve the issue.


Callback URLs saved to should not include the query string so you should use

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