Callback URL isn't updating


I’ve updated the callback URL for my application in the backend at, but it’s still calling back the old URL that was there before I updated. It’s been about three hours now, how long could it be cached for?


We should have this display bug on fixed soon. Your value should be saving, provided its valid – it’s just not updating the editable field correctly. You can verify whether the value itself saved in the meantime by looking at the “details” page for your app on (rather than “settings”).


My new callback url updated in details page but after authenticating user its redirecting to old callback url(localhost), I am waiting since 3 days to get it updated…


I ran into this issue, thought it was Twitter’s fault, then realized the callback url I was using in my Twitter SDK for node was overriding it. Not sure if you’re using something similar but make sure your code isn’t overriding it.