Callback URL for Chrome extension


I can’t to setup callback url for chrome extension, I suppose it because protocol in url contains symbol “-” and url doesn’t have domain name. The url is look like “chrome-extension://my_ext_id_here/options.html”


I found solution: if url will be shortened for example with tinyURL it will be working. But I think it’s not best way so I hope you’ll update validation for callback URL in settings form.


On the settings form, you need only provide a valid URL it understands as a placeholder. When performing the OAuth sequence, you should send an explicit (non-shortened) callback URL to the request token method, using the protocol (chrome-extension) and all.


The point is that the url failing on validate — it seems that developers in twitter believe that this url is not valid.


Answered you below.


Correct – we don’t accept custom URI schemes on the form – for your placeholder URL it needs to be a http or https-based URL. But on the request_token step of OAuth you are permitted to use any valid URI scheme you like.


Thanks a lot it was helped but behaviour is little strange.


Agreed; the unintuitive logic of this has long been a pet peeve of mine. We’ll eventually abstract away the current UI so that the choice is a bit more deliberate and transparent.