Callback not redirect with GET var and application not show in granting access list




First of all, sorry for my English. I also want to note that I have not found any reference to this circumstances in this forum or any other website.

In the last month I have encountered a couple of problems in the OAuth service to login on our blog Registration service is programmed with TwitterOAuth v0.2.0-beta2, by Abraham Williams, and the last correct operation detected took place on 9 June 2016. I don’t know the date on which it stopped working.

When we detect the fault, earlier this month, we remove temporarily the logging option.
We are now testing with version 0.6.4 TwitterOAuth and we have discovered the two problems of Twitter.

  • In the registration flow, redirection to the callback does not occur when the URL contains any variable passed in GET. For example: registration from generates an error page (not found) on Twitter, and the flow is lost. But if we use as callback, works well, although not directed to any content.

  • Simultaneously, Twitter don’t show Estrategia del Contenido in the applications with granting access list. For testing we used the @Carlos_EdelCont account, having revoked the permits issued to test the application again. We have accessed twice through a test page (post2.php) in which the “pag” variable is not included in the callback. And in the application list Twitter to this profile does not appear Estrategia del Contenido.

Are these problems are documented? How can we fix them?

Thank you


To any Twitter member staff: Has anyone been to take a look at these problems?
Perhaps I have not explained properly. If more data or access are needed, we can provide. We urge login solve this problems.