Callback ip on synology



Hi there everybody,

I’m trying since a long time to post automatically with a bot on my account.
Everything is working well, except the callback url.

The tweets are managed with Synology 410j with a Cron task but I’m looking on internet and I can’t define the right ip to put as callback. I tried as localhost ( but isn’t working.

Anyone have any clue please?


What do you need a callback URL for in this case - you generally would only need that if you are implementing a sign-in with Twitter flow requiring Twitter to send data back on login. Localhost would not work, as you’d need it to be an internet-accessible DNS address with listening code on the other side of it.


Thank you for you quick answer,
I removed :

if ($connection->http_code == 200) {

… Code


I’m new and I didn’t know we don’t have to get 200’s http_code to post.

Problem solved ! Thanks andypiper