Callback if a network is paused



I am actually developing an app with Mopub mediation, and I would like to know how I can know programmatically if my network is paused

I want to manage several ad units and sometimes I will have to pause the main ad unit in order to display the second one.

So the logic will be :
if (network is paused){
show network2;

When I paused the network, I can’t find any interesting logs regarding the fact that the network is well paused.

Do you have a callback for that ? I was looking on the MopubErrorCode but I didn’t find it.



Hi @VdeuB,

Thanks for reaching out!

The functionality you are describing is not supported. However, if you need help creating an efficient set up for your waterfall our Support Team can help. Feel free to reach out to them at with a full description of the problem you are trying to solve for.