Calculating twitter "reach"


I am aiming to calculate a value to find the maximum number of people we potentially impact on twitter. The basic idea is that, if we write 100 tweets in a month, and 87 of them are retweeted, how many people will see our tweets?

I know this isn’t an exact science - appearing in someone’s timeline because they follow someone who retweeted us doesn’t mean they saw the tweet - so this would only give me the maximum potential. Also, if I’m measuring these values for e.g. January-March this year then this won’t include the numbers of people who retweeted one of those tweets this month.

Here’s what I’d like to do; does this sound a “sensible” approach or am I fundamentally missing something? I want to collect quarterly stats.

  1. Run a query for the previous 3 months, which returns Tweets we have made ourselves, and any Mentions we’ve had.
  2. For each Tweet of ours that was retweeted, sum the number of followers of unique retweeters.
  3. For each Mention, sum the number of followers of unique tweeters.
  4. For each Mention that was retweeted, sum the number of followers of unique retweeters.

By “unique re/tweeters” I mean I only want to count the followers of a tweeter once for the whole above process - one person retweeting twice to 2000 followers has an impact of 2000 not 4000. I’m also aware that if someone started with 2000 followers and by the time I run the query they have 2500 followers, then it’s likely the query would return “2500” for something that may have been tweeted out to 2000 people.

If you could either validate my logic above or point out what I have missed that would be appreciated.


I know this is too late and probably you already got yourself an answer. However I am in the same situation and wondering how to proceed. Did you find a workaround?