Caching limitations


The documentation states:

“Caching. We recommend that you cache API responses in your application or on your site if you expect high-volume usage. For example, don’t try to call the Twitter API on every page load of your hugely popular website. Instead, call our API once a minute and save the response to your local server, displaying your cached version on your site. Refer to the Terms of Service for specific information about caching limitations.”

In the Terms of Service, the only reference to caching limitations is in regards to geolocation data.

What are the caching limitations, if any, for public tweets? i.e. caching duration, deleted tweets


Instead of starting my own discussion thread, does anyone have an answer to the above question? I haven’t come across any clear answers yet.

We’re developing an app and would like to cache the entire response so we can use it in a multitude of ways. Is this against the T&Cs? Do we need to expire the cache after a certain time period, do we need to delete it if a user deletes a Tweet?