Cache problems


Having problems with my Summary and Photo Cards getting cached:

Behavior 1
Setup: Add Summary Card to URL. Tweet URL. Result: Summary Card displays OK in Tweet.
Problem: Replace Summary Card with Photo Card (change “twitter:card”) for the same URL. Tweet. Result: Photo Card displays OK in Tweet. BUT same Tweet reverts to display old Summary Card in 1-2 min!

Behavior 2
Setup: Add variable to “twitter:title” - like incrementing count. Tweet URL. Result: Card title displays count OK in Tweet.
Problem: Tweet same URL after changing variable. Result: Card title displays new count OK in Tweet. BUT same Tweet reverts to display old count (card) in 1-2 min, just like Behavior 1.

Attempted fix:
I tried Sylvain’s suggestion (tweet shortened URL to force re-crawl) but both behaviors persist.

Preview tool displays cards in their current state (all latest changes are reflected correctly).

Comments, suggestions? Thank you.


Update: Photo Card described above began displaying consistently the following day so I assumed 24 hour cache was the reason.

However, a few days ago I changed ‘twitter:image’ on the same Photo Card and 3 days later the card still showed the old image. Trick: I added ‘twitter:domain’ tag to the card and immediately it showed the new image.

Another example is Gallery Card. Thumbnail images get cached and there’s no way to change a thumbnail if you wanted to.

Could you put together a doc about Twitter Cards cache and what to expect from it? Like what triggers a re-cache?



Thanks for explaining patch


I had the same issue: updated content was not displaying, even after 24hrs and running through the validator. But, shortening the URL and sharing right from did the trick. Now all tweets, new and old, show the new content.