.CA domain not linking without www or http://


I’m sorry if this has been answered before but I have searched a ton and found nothing.

I have successfully applied for a twitter card for my domain mremis.ca

However, I have a question about .ca domains, in comparison to .com domains on Twitter.

Currently when I type “espn.com” on Twitter, once I have typed the “.com” portion, Twitter recognizes that I have posted a link, and changes the colour to blue, so I can click on it.

I’m in Canada, so my website has a Canadian domain and when I type in my URL as “mremis.ca” I don’t get the same effect. But when I type it with http://mremis.ca or www.mremis.ca Twitter recognizes it as a link.

I think that it did just recognize “mremis.ca” as a link before I installed my Twitter card.

Am I nuts, or are .ca domains screwed when it comes to auto linking?


This isn’t a developer issue, so we can’t really help you with this question here.

For what its worth, I’ve just tried typing a few URLs (.com, .co.uk, .ca and .de) and the behaviour on the Twitter web client is indeed different, some get converted to links as they are typed, and others do not.

This is just an implementation detail I’m afraid, and you should include the http:// portion to get the desired behaviour on your .ca links. Incidentally the same applies on a wide variety of the “newer” gTLDs so this is not a case of one specific country’s domains being treated differently! :smile:

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