C#/.Net Library which Supports TON APi



I’m trying to make use of the Twitter’s TON API for uploading Tailored Audiences but I’m running into trouble not being able to find a C# Twitter library which supports the TON API. I’d prefer not to roll my own implementation of it, are there any libraries out there which support it?


Same thing here, I just implemented the client to the TON api and getting always a 403 Error, and this api has poor documentation. Let me know if you find any lib or if you are able to use the TON api.


There was similar discussion in this thread: Twitter Ads API Integration With C# Application

Generally, the auth headers are very tricky to get wrong and having one be missing or have a single character different can cause it to fail. I am glad to take a look at the code if anyone has a crack at C# version of upload in Open Source project.

We are considering to open an SDK sub-forum here for coordination of SDK help within the community, so please also look out for that.