Bypassing IP limits


I’m working with a web marketing firm that creates twitter accounts for customers. My client has hit the cap of accounts that he is allowed to create on a single IP and would like a way to bypass it. He suggested using proxies but this has TOS violation written all over it and I was wondering if there is a legitimate way to increase the amount of accounts that he is permitted to create.


You’ll find it difficult to get around these limits. Account creation restrictions are built with average use cases in mind – when you have a use case that doesn’t fit that, you just have to be patient and work through it in a way that does not circumvent the limits or otherwise go against the spirit or word of the TOS. That might mean it takes a lot of time and waiting before getting all the accounts registered that you want.

Of course, while you’re creating accounts, make sure you’re following all the rules around name-squatting as well: