By python ads api sdks,I upload media, and then I got the media_id, then I create imageApp_download_card wrong


I upload media like this:

But, when I use the media_id for this. It return"twitter_ads.error.NotFound: <NotFound object at 0x7ff0a6797b88 code=404 details=[{‘message’: ‘939119381551943680 was not found’, ‘parameter’: ‘wide_app_image_media_id’, ‘code’: ‘NOT_FOUND’}]>"

The python sdk is wrong? Because it’s fine before.Can you help me?

Unable to post image via API v1.1

Sorry, Anyone can help me?


This may be due to not specifying additional_owners on the POST media/upload step. See this thread for additional context.


Thank you very much! It is working


Glad to help! Thanks for confirming.