Bulk Automated Unfollow of Spam Accounts


Is there a policy-friendly way to automate a bulk-unfollow of a custom list of accounts a user has specified and kicked-off manually? Here’s why we are desperately trying to figure out if this makes sense (in a nutshell: spam account reduction).

We run a fast-growing tool called FRUJI.com which basically provides Twitter users with a different interface and way to sort their most popular followers and understand their growth data more. We have a solid focus on staying in line with all Twitter Policies and Restrictions at all times.

The only issue we have is the idea of an automated bulk UNFOLLOW. Not a follow. We want to help our users clean up their spam accounts and have algorithms to detect the possibility of certain followers/friends to be a legit account, or a spam account. We display this through a likeliness factor (0% to 100%), of a specific account being a pure marketing/spam account.

Now, we keep getting mails from our more sophisticated users to offer them the ability to auto-UNFOLLOW any account with a specific spam/marketing likeliness level.

Currently, we do NOT offer this, since it seems to be against policies. We can only offer a manual unfollow button for each individual follower, which is fine for small accounts, but is not feasible with our large account members (>1M followers).

Is there a legitimate policy friendly way to offer a bulk-unfollow (again, we are not interested in bulk-follow at all)?

Thanks a lot.