Building multiple stream connections or updating current connection at close intervals without lose any tweet data



I’m extremely trying to manage multiple streaming connections at nodejs. My point is not build one conenction and using it whole time. I need to build a lot connections at the same time. I know, more connections requires more twitter app keys. I’ve an app pool for that. Every connections has their own keys. So, as you guess I’m mostly getting 420 http error during the proccess.

For get more advice like “don’t do that in that way, that’s actually you need to” I would like to explain my purpose. So, I’ve a lot track(statuses/filter) keywords to get their tweets in real time. But the thing is this keywords are dynamically and that requries to update my stream when a keyword comes or gone. At the this time I’m absolutely need to protect my current tweet flow. Because I shouldn’t lose any data. By the way the change period of the keywords is uncertain. That’s important because I know a connection need to be open as possible. But sometimes I need to update my keywords more than like 3 times per munite. So, this is the all of my point.

I just saw some topics that helped me to see the idea of streaming proccess. At the beginning of this article I talk about building “multiple applications” and I know now that’s not good way to do sometings with stream api. Umm, I hope you guys show a better way to me for handle this sutiation.

Thanks so much to everyone!
I’m waiting your responses, thanks.