Bug with /search using until


I noticed a weird bug when searching for tweets based on hashtags - it might be related to the language (this is an Aarabic hashtag) but most of the times, for the same language, it works.

If I do this search:


It works as expected, with lots of tweets from today and yesterday. If instead I add an “until” parameter, I always get 0 results - even if the date is today or tomorrow (at the time of writing):



This is independent from:

  • the url encoding
  • the order of the parameters
  • using result_type=recent or not

The same search (with the same “until” parameter) from the Twitter main website gives many results - ie, there are recent tweets from yesterday using the hashtag.

Lastly, using a different Arabic hashtag with until works - so it’s not something specific about the language: