Bug with icon & name wordpress


When i want to use the twitter widget on a wordpress website (http://im-makeup.com/wordpress) the username of my client shows UNDERneath the icon instead of next to it, no matter how big the width is. Does anyone know the solution? Thanks in advantage!


I’m having the same issue as well AND my client’s account avatar has enlarged way beyond normal size. This is all in several versions of Firefox & Windows. Anybody find a fix for this?


Hi Octoberdots I’m having same issue. Firstlight I think the size of your image is a different issue.
I pasted the Twitter feed into a test html page and it works fine so the issue is inside the WP widget.
I removed all margins and widths and still see the problem. I’m working in the basic WP 20Eleven Theme. Looks like WP can’t release the width on the secondary widget tag? My guess is either my twitter avatar is an issue and needs adjusting or that any twitter feed placed into a text widget is displaying the issue and so perhaps Twitter can document and fix?

My site is maringrassroots.org if you want to confirm issue.
It may be best to go look for a decent plugin unless the twitter devs can fix.

Since it looks like your discussion is old- maybe this is a dead end.


Hi LeeAnne,

Yeah I already figured that out but removing the image doesn’t work either. I also send twitter a message about it but no fix and it’s been over 3 months. It’s kind of annoying since a LOT of people use wordpress these days so I hope they will fix it sooner or later, but until then we will just have to do with the bug because I’ve searched like crazy trying to find a decent looking plugin without results. But this was in January so maybe now there is a nice plugin. I wouldn’t know, I gave up the search because the customer didn’t mind it looking like this.

Good luck with yours and maybe someday twitter or wordpress will fix this bug, let’s hope so!

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