[BUG] Twitter Kit iOS 3.0.4 login sometimes fails to redirect back to host app



@RajulArora - Issue still exists. Any update on this?
Using TwitterKit (3.1.0) and Twitter app v7.7


One of the developers on the Twitter iOs app is working to get this fixed!


Any update on this?

if ([[Twitter sharedInstance] application:app openURL:url options:options]) {
return YES;

Always return false :(, if the twitter app is not installed, everything works. Is there a way to force Web login instead of relying on twitter app as a quick fix for now?


What do you mean by Twitterkit ina framework? I am having the same exact issue. It’s always returning false, i’ve checked the url and it seems correct, options are proper too. Did u manage to solve the issue ?


Any updates Rajul?


Hi Rajul,

Any updates on the issue? It seems reproducible with TwitterKit v3.2.1 and Twitter app v7.10 on iOS 9.3.5.



Unfortunately we are still waiting for a fix on the Twitter iOS App, which will fix the issue

Twitter app not redirecting back to my app after successful login

It works on Twitter Kit 3.2.1.
Could any one try it again?


Will the update fix this problem also?


I have Twitter Kit version 3.2.1 with twitter App 7.11.
My app calls the Twitter app but I never receive a call back.


Sorry for late reply, yes I managed to solve the issue. It was a link issue, needed to make sure to have the twitterkit linked to the app and not to the framework.



It fails to redirect back to host app on TwitterKit (3.2.2).
I click Authorize app button and I see some progress.
Final it is still on Authorize page.

  • TwitterCore (3.0.3)
  • TwitterKit (3.2.2)

By the way, it worked on TwitterKit (3.2.1).


Not getting it work. Please need some more brief


TwitterKit 3.3.0 redirect back failed.

Mobile : iPhone 8
iOS Version : 11.2
XCode Version : 9.2
Twitter Kit : TwitterCore (3.1.0)
TwitterKit (3.3.0)


Hi Team,
Still the issue persists. Do we have any alternate way to fix this issue to way back to the App from Twitter app or we need to wait a fix from Twitter Team.


It is an issue in the Twitter App. I’m trying to reproduce this issue more consistently and I noticed that the issue is very consistent if the Twitter account has 2FA enabled. Has anyone else noticed this?


Hi, I got the information top of this website “your new Account Activity API …”.
So, I try to update the library.
The Authorize app function is still always fails.

Step 1: Present a new view, “api.twitter.com”, on my phone.
Step 2: Input my account information and login
Step 3: Click avatar & check login is success
Step 4: Click Authorize app button

Follow step 4, it will show redirecting then present a new Authorize app view.
And I will see the Authorize app button again.
After click the button, a new Authorize app view is shown again. Loop.

Could anyone help me? Thanks!

Phone : iPhone 8 Plus
iOS Version : 11.3 (15E216)
XCode : 9.3 (9E145)
Pod Version : 1.4.0.beta.2
Library Version :

  • TwitterCore (3.1.0)
  • TwitterKit (3.3.0):
    • TwitterCore (>= 3.1.0)

// ================================================= //

I try to use old version library.
The function is work well.
So, I assume that my setting is correct.

The Twitter Kit Version :

  • TwitterCore (3.0.1)
  • TwitterKit (3.1.1):
    • TwitterCore (>= 3.0.1)


Do we have any update on this issue? I am facing the same problem.


Hey guys,
I have issue with redirect action. When my iphone installed official Twitter app, and I clicked on item timeline it shown popup “Twitter wants to open Twitter”, I clicked “Cancel” but it still do redirect to Twitter app.
Please help me!!!
There is video I recorded https://goo.gl/A7ypF7
I used demo app from https://github.com/twitter/twitter-kit-ios.


Any update to this issue from team Twitter? I am stuck in the same situation. Because of this bug, I have hit my app limit since I am having to make new keys for each app I make for customers. I reached out to support a month ago and still have not heard back.

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