[Bug][Twitter Kit for Unity] Twitter.LogIn always fails, when we return to the my app directly during twitter app authentication



  • Unity version: 2017.1.0p4
  • Twitter Kit for Unity version: 3.2.1
  • Android version: 5.0.2


the steps are below.

  • [Android (iOS)] Install TwitterApp on our device.
  • in own app, call Twitter.LogIn.
  • transit to TwitterApp.
  • without canceling on TwitterApp, we move directly to own application (ex: after going to home by pressing the home button, open own app)
  • until restarting the application, “Twitter.Session == null” and “Twitter.LogIn return Authorize failed.” are occured permanently.

at this time, “Twitter.LogIn” seems to cause the following exceptions internally.

「com.twitter.sdk.android.core.TwitterAuthException: Authorize failed」