Bug: Searching for users by `created_at` returns users with query applied to their status


I’m attempting to search for user accounts based on the created_at account property. According to the
documentation on user searches a developer can

Try querying by topical interest, full name, company name, location, or other criteria.

My query (I’ve removed the url encoding for readability) is as follows:

/users/search.json?q=created_at since:2015-4-21 &include_entities=false

The query is valid, however the results show that the created_at criteria was applied to the user’s current status, and not the created_at property for the user account.

Is there a different way to query the created_at property for the account? I’ve tried leaving the query param empty
like so:

 /users/search.json?q=&created_at since:2015-4-21 &include_entities=false

But my response is a failure due to authentication?