[Bug Report] "Your Access Token" disappearing / expring


My App’s Token and Token Secret keep disappearing from the dashboard on my App screen after a while, maybe an hour or so. After it disappears, my calls are returning an 89 error (token expired).

It looks like the tokens for my own app (“This access token can be used to make API requests on your own account’s
behalf. Do not share your access token secret with anyone.”) are expiring. Is there any way these can be made permanent?



Same exact issue! This has happened about 20 times now.


Can you describe your app’s function?


I have this same issue - my token randomly disappears from the app

my app sends SaaS alerts by DM to paying subscribers so this is really annoying!


What is the symptom or error code you’re seeing? Are you using a sign-in with Twitter flow to obtain and cache the user token?


This is still happening today. Three times so far.

I generate the Access Token in YOUR web interface: at https://apps.twitter.com/app/5401856/keys

I then use those to send DM from my application to subscribers of our service. They are following my account and DO receive the DMs while the access token is listed in your web interface at https://apps.twitter.com/app/5401856/keys

Randomly, although three times today, the credentials disappear from https://apps.twitter.com/app/5401856/keys and thus break my application from sending DMs

Once I generate a new Access Token and configure my app to use it, the DM function works as expected and I can authenticate and send DMs fine from my SaaS.

I am not using a “sign in with twitter flow” - this is a SaaS application that is sending DMs on behalf of the twitter account @securejoomla which is MY account for this service.