Bug report: Video upload thru REST API no longer working



For my iOS app, I have a feature for sharing user generated video to Twitter. I am using https://upload.twitter.com/1.1/media/upload.json method and was able to upload my data to Twitter and playback this video on twitter.com successful. However, it suddenly no longer working even I don’t change my code.

I got the upload success from REST API response. However, the video on the Twitter website displayed as “This browser does not support video playback.” And, I found out the video supposed to generated by Twitter doesn’t exist even Rest API provide me the url as part of the response.

Here is the example of the video doesn’t work.
id: 679110621149814785
twitter post url: https://t.co/Pix9bAOrlU
Video url generated by Twitter API: https://video.twimg.com//ext_tw_video//679110172178944000//pu//vid//240x240//as5EJE8QEF4bvlKY.mp4

And, I think this is a bug on the Twitter server which can’t generate the video based on my data uploaded thru REST API.

Can anyone from Twitter to take a look on this issue and let me know if I didn’t anything wrong.




I’m also seeing this issue. Posting very small videos work, but larger ones do not. @TwitterApi any idea where else to post this to?


I am escalating this to the Media Platform team now and will follow up with any known issues or ways to solve the problem. We are tracking this internally as PREL-1758.


The Media Platform team has investigated and concluded the following. The video consists of a single GOP (387 frames) and transcoding takes too long. We do not enforce GOP size during the upload, hence a successful upload and Tweet, but an error in the player when the transcode operation times out.

The team is now aware of this GOP size restriction that should be enforced upon upload and is looking into how and when they can get it in place.