Bug? Old favs not marked even in web



Hi all,

I was just trying to delete all favs from my account, and everything was going fine since it starting not finding old favs. At first I thought that it was a problem with REST API limits, but when I access via web browser tweets apears in the list but not marked as fav-ed.

So I tested:

  • If I try to unfav using API and each tweet individually, it just says tweets are not found.
  • If I try to delete them using API and each tweet individually, they are deleted or answer you cant delete other users tweets (So they exist but they apear as not liked by me)
  • If I re-fav tweets, API finds the the tweets, and can be un-faved.

Is there any diferences betweet the fav process of old tweets and new tweets? Is there any solution for this? They are not marked as fav in my fav list, but still in the list. When I fav them an unfav they dissapear.