Bug in the CompactTweetView?


CompactTweetView with TweetFetchAdapter does not show images for my app. I am using a fragment and all other attributes come over. I also see no way to download the images and set them in the CompactTweetView.


Hi sgv,

CompactTweetView takes care of downloading the images for you, so you shouldn’t have to do anything else. Did you see any errors in your logs?



I know it is supposed to take care of the images for you but in my case it doesn’t. Everything else comes through so it must be a bug. I was using a support fragment and not exactly what your example shows with a ListActivity. I ended up using retrofit and my own ui with universalimageloader and a custom adapter successfully. (not with fabric)
I know it doesn’t match your documentation but it would be helpful to clear the bug since fragments are the “android way” of doing things for the most part.
thanks for the reply-


Hi Lien,

I am also having a problem with the profile images when using a compact TweetView (inside TableViewCell). Just getting grey boxes displayed. All else seems ok.

My code is basically the same as the Show a Timeline in a TableView in the docs.

Any info greatly appreciated.


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