Bug in OExchange support


Twitter supports OExchange for sharing links (http://oexchange.org), but I’d like to report a bug in Twitter’s implementation. You can see this for yourself here:

The problem is that Twitter only looks at the URL to be shared and ignores the provided title. This means that a new tweet with just the URL will be proposed to the sharing user.

The problem comes down to this. The following URL:
gives a redirect to:
However, it should redirect to:
such that the page title is also included in the proposed tweet.

I hope someone can fix this to make sharing links on Twitter via OExchange more convenient.


I’m not sure that we’re intending to support OpenExchange, whether correctly or incorrectly. The endpoints your mentioning are actually part of our [node:183, title=“Tweet Intent”] functionality, which has its own set of expected parameters – it’s possible any similarity to OpenExchange is coincidental.


Since Twitter supports OExchange auto-discovery (see http://twitter.com/.well-known/host-meta), I consider it very likely that this is indeed intended as an OExchange endpoint. This standardized OExchange endpoint translates the request into a Twitter-specific Tweet Intent request. This makes perfect sense, but there’s just a flaw in the implementation as I described above.

Websites who want a specific Twitter sharing feature, can integrate Tweet Intents into their website, while websites who want to support a generic sharing function that works with any social network, can use the OExchange mechanism.


That’s a good observation; I imagine the auto-discovery might be outdated and unknown to the current maintainers of this area of the site; I’ll let them know to either remove the discovery endpoint or more correctly address the standard. Thanks

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