Bug in norwegian language date format


Forgive me if this is the incorrect forum category.
I’m using Jason Mayes’ Javascript component to easily display Twitter Timelines. Problem is, using norwegian language the returned date format has a typo. In English it’s fine, in Norwegian it’s wrong. The returned date format is not edited by the script, so it seems the problem is with the format returned by Twitter itself.

More specifically, the error is with the format “Posted x hours ago”. In norwegian this should be “Postet for x timer siden”. As you can see by my screenshot, the “for” word is broken incorrectly:

The Javascript Component I’m using: http://jasonmayes.com/projects/twitterApi/#sthash.A589ITfS.dpbs


(moving this to the Websites category as this is Javascript that runs on top of Twitter’s web embeds, by the looks of it)

I’m not familiar with the component and I can’t see any issues logged on the github repo https://github.com/jasonmayes/Twitter-Post-Fetcher - do all embedded Tweets and timelines display this way in Norwegian? (without Jason’s additional code)


I spoke to Jason, and if I understand him correctly, he agreed it’s a Twitter issue: https://twitter.com/jason_mayes/status/671608680035520512

Not sure where I would test this, as the twitter widget in the twitter settings uses a different and shorter time format, like “2h” instead of “Posted 2 hours ago”.

When looking through the components source code, it looks like it’s handling the date/time at line 264-276 here:


Thanks for reporting this. It is true that we use “Postet for x timer siden” in Norwegian. this isn’t displayed but is the text we use in aria-label for accessibility text. I’ll flag this as a potential incorrect translation with our translation team.

And a general note. The library (twitter-post-fetcher) uses our undocumented api. This API can change anytime and your website can break. We recommend using our official widgets.