Bug in iOS 11?



Share sheet close immediately when I try to share URL doesn’t prompt “No Twitter Account”

in iOS11


Are there any updates on this?

Trying to send any image via UIActivityViewController results in the image not populating in the Twitter compose dialog, and attempting sending the tweet generates “Tweet failed to send”. While it claims there’s a draft there isn’t.

The image being used was only 55KB.

Sending just text works fine.

This is with Twitter 7.9 installed, Xcode 9.0.1 and iOS11.0.3.



Thank you for pointing out. We will publish fix soon.


Hi, just a little question about Social framework and iOS 11.
As you explained, the new Twitter composer takes place in the context of our app, not the iOS system.
So the user must necessarily log in with Twitter via our app, not choose between the accounts already logged in via Twitter app. Is it true?
I also replaced SLComposeViewController with FBSDKShareDialog for Facebook, but I noticed that it internally use SLComposeViewController and the user can use its account logged via Facebook app without having to do a second login in the app. Is it possible or will be possible in Twitter Kit?
Thank you very much!


@benward Do you have any updates on this ? In iOS 11, SLComposeViewController seems to be launching your extension (also this could also be a system thing that looks a lot like your extension). Is this officially supported ? I’ve also noticed that if you don’t have a Twitter account it fails silently and produce some weird UI behaviour. Not sure if the problem comes from your extension or not.