Bug for Twitter Card developers - apostrophes in Twitter C schema throw your crawler


there’s a bug in your code - when the twitter card validator encounters ’ it doesn’t take any characters to the RIGHT of the ’


Thanks for the report. Can you provide an example of what you mean?



please try and validate this to see the issue or text being cut off


This is not a problem with the validator. Your markup is invalid. You are using a single quote in the middle of the title and the description, but you are also using single quotes to enclose the values. Understandably then, the markup ends at that single quote inside the value. If you use double quotes around the content this would not be a problem, e.g.

<meta property="og:title" content="Jon's best bet for Monday - 1860 Munich v Fortuna Dusseldorf tips - Footballtips.com" />

Chrome source viewer also doesn’t mark this as valid, as you can see here.

You also have og:title and og:description twice, which is not necessary. I haven’t checked the rest of the page.


thanks Andy - appreciated

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