[BUG] Emojis now counting as 2 characters on native web app



We are attempting to support 280 characters in our App’s twitter integration. However, we just noticed that emojis, as well as the asian language full-width characters, are counting as 2 characters. This does not agree with the docs and we suspect its a bug. This GIF shows count decrementing by 2 for each deleted emoji.


For now we patched in these changes from twitter-text, which do not count them as 2, so our app is allowing users to write tweets that are over max length if they use emojis. If emojis are intended to be 2 chars, twitter-text needs to be updated to reflect this.


We already announced that twitter-text 2.0 is on the way (see the announcement category of these forums)

The new algorithm is documented here

Thank you.


When/where is twitter-text 2 available? FWIW this is making it possible to create invalid tweets on Buffer, and many other popular apps I’m sure. That doc is somewhat helpful, but it will be tough to tweet ensure validity in the meantime.


Per the announcement we hope to make the new version available within the coming weeks, but need to complete some internal housekeeping. Other apps have successfully used the details published in our announcement to release updates already. Thank you.