[BUG] Callback URL


Hello! I did not found where I can post a message to some twitter-developer about bug in the OAuth.
Please, contact me by pr@insgames.com for more info

I have the application “AntiSquad Tactics” (6394624 id) with PIN-based authorization.
On the some devices (iPad 2 with Safari browser for example) after succesfull authorization I see the PIN-code, but after 0-1 seconds it is changed by error message (see screenshots)
Maybe this issue associated with the Callback URL - it is not requared for this type of autorisation, but on the https://apps.twitter.com/app/6394624/settings this has a value. But I can not remove it - after removing it reverts old value.

Please, contact me, or fix this bug or just manually remove this Callback URL.

Best regards, InsGames Developer Team