Bug: 503 error when pulling promoted tweets on large accounts



  "errors": [
      "code": "SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE",
      "message": "Service unavailable due to request timeout; please try the request again later"
  "request": {
    "params": {}

status code is a 503. According to my records, the account has ~350,000 promoted tweets.


Did you get that error several times on different hours?

Maybe is only about the server, that it’s overloaded


Yes, it’s been happening for at least 24 hrs, smaller accounts still work


This issue is known to happen for accounts with a large # of tweets, I can recommend that until it is solved you should try to whenever as possible index into this endpoint by passing in line item IDs. The only reason to call index endpoint without parameters is if you don’t have the campaign or line item info We expect that you are grouping together promoted tweets under a line item entity at some point and save that information / mapping in your system for easy lookup,