BUG 403 - We continue to receive this bug


Dear Twitter team.

We get back in touch with you because the diffusion problems with error 403 are still happening in our account :frowning:

In our side as you can see, we have complied and now our app is authorized by your team and we can manage it from https://developer.twitter.com :wink: We have followed all your recommendations.

We have also reviewed and optimized the diffusion of content to Twitter from our application BlogsterApp, looking for a higher quality and experience for our users.

We have applied your changes in anti spam policies, we love Twitter.

However, we continue to record 403 errors that worry us a lot because it affects our customers. We do not really understand what the cause is because nothing tells us that we have an excess of use or any alert.

We find it very uncomfortable every time we have to explain to a client why his message was not published :frowning:

We would like to know why these errors still happening and possible solutions.

Can you check our app id 6540979?

Thanks in advance.


Which endpoint is returning this error? What is the Twitter API error being returned?


Hi Andypiper :slight_smile:

These errors have to do with the following threads:

But we have already followed all the steps that have indicated us.

Waiting for your news, receive a cordial greeting.

Thanks in advance.


Can you clarify which specific API URL you are hitting? Is this always and only on statuses/update, or another endpoint?

403 is an HTTP error code. Your app should also be receiving a JSON-formatted API response code. What is that saying? Is it always the same message?


Thanks AndyPiper for the quick response.

We capture the main message of the Exception that gives us the answer of the API:
The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

We do not capture the message of the complete exception.

Indeed, all the messages come from the following EndPoints:


There are over 20 different Twitter API error messages that may be attached to the HTTP 403 error code. Not all of them correspond to those two endpoints, but many do.


Can you capture the full API error message in order to help us to track this down further?

Are you also using the deprecated statuses/update_with_media endpoint? If so, does it also return these errors?


Thank you andypiper: slight_smile:

I’m going to verify the two points you’re referring to.
Subsequently, I will inform you of both.

Thank you.

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