Browser hangs when I click on "Edit details"



When I click edit details at

it hangs. I can reproduce it on Chrome, FF and MS Edge.

I did find another post describing same issue and it said it was fixed. Browser hang when I click "Edit details"
Perhaps a regression?

I have looked deeper and I know where is hanging and why. It’s due to certain types of callback urls. i can provide more details if required.

Thanks for looking at this.


Can you please provide the callback URLs that you believe are triggering this irregularity?

Thank you for surfacing this!


Thanks for looking into this and apologies for the delayed response.

It’s the URLs which are IP4 address based are causing issues.
URLs similar to these cause the hang -

Since you have access, you can look up the exact ones.

Also, I couldn’t login to reply using twitter. I had to request an email link.


I know that dotted IP URLs are not valid for Twitter cards and to be honest I’m surprised that these work as callback URLs as - in my experience anyway - we’ve generally required fully qualified domain names (localhost notwithstanding). Do you see the same behaviour with FQDN URLs?

We can certainly check in with the engineers on this, however - just trying to narrow down the issue. Thanks!


Thanks for quick response. These URLs have worked for years and I have successfully edited them in Since the switchover to, I am unable to edit.This is what is described in this post as well Browser hang when I click "Edit details" (which is referenced in the initial post as well)

The issue is I can’t even edit to be able to delete these urls. If IP based urls are invalid, the UI should let one edit and not let one save or similar behavior.


I believe, the urls of this type are causing js regex catastrophic backtracking which is causing the hang depending on the length of the urls.


Thank you for the additional information @ttwows.
This is on our product team’s radar and they are actively working towards a solution.


Thank you very much for being on top of this.


Hi @ttwows - I’m happy to let you know that this issue has now been fixed. However, please note that you shouldn’t be adding query parameters to the URL.

I hope this helps.


Thank you. I confirm it’s working.