Broken Embeds for Some Tweets



Embeds for some tweets are broken. I was able to reproduce the issue with the following tweet:

This is a public tweet that should be embeddable, but the embed script fails to embed it properly.

Here is a JSFiddle reproducing the issue:

Additionally, if I embed this ‘broken’ tweet along with a tweet that otherwise embeds fine, the embed script fails on both tweets. For example, consider the following tweet:

This tweet embeds fine on its own, as shown in the following JSFiddle:

However, if I embed this tweet along with the broken one, neither render properly:

I reproduced this issue on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


Excellent report, thank you very much. Investigating…


This was caused by a bug in our systems (actually, a couple different ones, working together.) :smiling_imp:

We’ve addressed the worst of the problems, and tweets which have this issue now render, albeit only with text. We’re still working on the broader issue, which will restore full media support for affected tweets.

Thanks again for the detailed report, and sorry about any inconvenience the issue may have caused.


Thanks for the quick turnaround.

Please keep me updated on when full media support for affected Tweets will be restored.

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