Broadcasting DMs to my opted in Users -- Possible?



We’re trying to move away from using Facebook Messenger due to sour customer feedback surrounding that platform.

Currently we sent out a reminder to our users through Facebook Messenger’s broadcast feature. Doing that to say 50,000 people one at a time is not practical. (I assume that’s why Messenger allows the broadcasting in the first place).

Is there any plans to maybe support this in the future?


There are no current plans for this kind of broadcast functionality. The idea is that you’d need to get a user’s permission to DM in an automated manner, store that information, and then message separately. I do understand that on a very large scale such at the one you’re describing, that would be less practical due to the number of calls, and ultimately the account limits you’d hit. Happy to pass along, but not aware of any plans to implement this in the immediate future.


Thanks for the Andy!

You mentioned account limits – what are those limits exactly? Are we able to DM every person that DMs us within a certain window of time?


Account limits are detailed here, but you’ll also want to review the recent announcement about adaptive limits for direct messages for these kinds of scenarios. tl;dr you won’t see a “50k broadcast” limit, but there have been improvements lately to support more of these kinds of behaviours, and we are aware of the possibilities to improve further.

More generally, @bobber205 - just wanted to say that I know we’re not perfect, that the documentation in particular can be improved (thank you for your feedback on that, we are working on it), but I appreciate that you endure and persist in working with our platform. We appreciate everyone that builds with us. Thank you for your patience and understanding!