Broadcasting direct message


I have a service built on Twitter and it isn’t an application, but a user driven crowd-sourcing project. The current number of followers is 30,000+ and I would like to ask them to participate in a survey as part of my masters dissertation. I want to easily and quickly send all my followers a DM asking them to participate. I have searched and read around the Internet that Twitter doesn’t provide any service to broadcast via direct messaging. I looked into applications that provide such services, and there are some around that have a cost and others that don’t provide only what I need. The next step was to look into the Twitter’s API and what can I do to provide this service for myself.

The issue here is that I do not wish in any way to violate the terms of use (for my account or any application that I would create using the Twitter API) and I am having difficulty finding out if it would be OK to create such a script/application for my personal educational use.

I would be grateful if someone can clarify the rules surrounding such an approach and if indeed this may violate any terms could assist in providing an alternative solution that abides by the current terms.

Thank you.

  • Nasser