Brief outage every twelve hours



I am working on an application responsible for publishing emergency messages across a range of services. While regularly testing that all services are available we have observed a cyclical twitter outage occurring every twelve hours at ~5:10 am/pm Eastern Time. All of our other service tests pass correctly at that time, which leads me to believe the problem is not server(Azure) side. It’s very odd, always happens at the same time of day.

The exception occurs whilst evaluating a LINQ statement using LinqToTwitter:

System.Net.WebException: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.

The problem is not related to SSL issues seen previously; we tried that fix, besides we are already using TLS. Sorry for the vague problem, if anyone has any information about this problem it would be greatly appreciated!

Phil Wardlaw


I am still encountering this issue every twelve hours. I have posted a further description here:


I’m having this issue too. I am using LinqToTwitter. It happens after a couple of hours.


Yup, exactly the same issue or me at exactly the same time every 12 hours, 10:08 GMT ad 22:08 GMT give or take a minute.

Did anyone find an answer?



I fixed by just trying again a few times. Try make your twitter request and upon catching a WebException try again.